Manage your bookmarks fast and easy

The world wide web is build with links. Content has no benefit without links to find them.

What do you do with links from interesting websites? Your browser-manager for the bookmarks is more than full? They are not really sorted or findable?


Less work – more benefit!


Add a new bookmarks with additionally informations e.g. description or tag (hashtag).


You can as much tags as you need for the page. So you can find them later fast and easy.


You bookmarks are usable and manageable from within any browser. On your desktop and your mobile device!


The mobile version works the same way as the desktop version. So you can always find and access your favorites.

Public favorites

One for all…

Saving a bookmark as “public” helps other users. Because of the tags they can find the link.

So everyone can help saving interested links that can be found and used by other users. Maybe they can use quickly a qualitative link which is useful for them.

Today it’s the benefit from others – tomorrow it maybe yours!

Private bookmarks stay private! They will not be listed in any search results from other users.
Your privacy always stays private – no community or social-media-functionality like on many other platforms!



Desktop & Mobile

Clear interface




Fast & Easy


Small stats


Finding – not searching!

The tags, saved with each bookmark, help you find the pages fast and easy in the future.

Directly read from our software when you add a new bookmark, or added by you.


Choose the right package for you

Save time, work and money. Just choose the right package for you!

Start today!

Are you tired wasting your time searching the same links every time – after that forgetting to save them in your bookmarks – or they are saved in another browser or at another machine?