We collect the Meta-Data from the site and offer them to be saved with your favorites.


To be able to add new favorites fast, just drag and drop the bookmarklet from the app to the favorites-bar of your browser.

When you are surfing the web and want to save an URL, just click the bookmarklet and we save it with the relevant meta-data to your account.

It also works on your handy.

Bookmarklet auf die Lesezeichenleiste ziehen


Favorites can be marked as private or public.

Public favorites can be found from other users when they are searching tags which are assigned with your favorite.

Private favorites can only be found by you.

Adding tags

Just enter the tags name e.g. “news” and press RETURN. The new tag will be shown as a chip.

“AND”- / “OR”-Searching

When searching, you can choose if the entered tags are combined with “AND” or “OR”.

A combination with “AND” only finds favorites which are assigned with all the tags.

A combination with “OR” will find any favorite which is assigned with one of the tags. Normally this is a bigger result.

Import takes a long time

There are two reasons:

  1. You are importing a lot of favorites
  2. We are collecting meta-data from the site the favorite points to. This can take up to 5 seconds per favorite.


You can switch to a higher package at any time.

If you are using the “Free-Package” you have to pay the full price. Users who are using another package only have to pay the difference from the current to the new package.


The fee has to be paid once.

After that you can use the package as long as you want.

Just start now!

Are you tired wasting your time searching the same links every time – after that forgetting to save them in your favorites – or they are saved in another browser or at another machine?